Full Version: UK/Miss St. (Updates)
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I'm watching it on so its alittle bit delayed its currently 22-18 MSU...

Did anyone see Joe Crawford stick his arm pit in one of MSU's players face on that dunk?
Uk is down by 7 right now 32-25
good trap Uk steal and crawford hits the lay up
32-27 at the half
Good start, pathetic finish. They better come out in the second half.
I'm surprised that were just down by 5.... The Bulldogs went on a huge run there at one point, Patterson will not be able to do anything against MSU's Vernado. He had blocked Coury once, and Patterson three times.

But as long as Bradley and Crawford continue playing hard then we ought to be alright. But someone else is going to have to step up.
Patterson is getting it taken to him. He look horrible.
agree blackcatstudent someone has got to come alive
I think Patterson will be the player to step up the 2nd half! Go Cats!
that was a awesome dunk by Crawford
Well they are getting run out of the gym. Same ole cats. You would have thought that the Vandy game would have them playing better. They look as bad or worse then they have all year.
now we see how patterson does against a good big man
Cats got it back down to 5.... 54-49 MSU
Mark Coury is terrible
What a 3pt shot by crawford
wow, the officals are just plain horrible tonight. The guy with 10 blocks has had to have atleast 3 fouls on him. Pitiful
The CATS are still in this one