Full Version: Derrick Jasper Injured with Sprained MCL
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Jasper is listed as day-to-day.


I thought that it would be worse... Thank God that that it wasn't.
Jasper just can't stay healthy this season. He was coming off micro-fracture surgery, he also had an infected toe, and now this. When things are going wrong for him they are going wrong. I hope he'll be back real soon as well as Meeks. We need both of them next week when they travel to MSU and Florida.
hopefully he will be back soon
Tough for a player to come back just six months after a major surgery such as the microfracture, I mean look at Amare Stoudemire, Jason Kidd and Kenyon Martin for example it took them nearly a year to recover and get back to 100%. Jasper has had some tough luck thats for sure with the knee, toe and now another knee injury to deal with. Hopefully him and Meeks get 100% soon.