Full Version: Danny Hope
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Eastern Kentucky may be looking for a new football coach as I have heard a report from a Purdue alumni that Danny Hope will take an assistant coaching job at Purdue untill Joe Tiller retires then he will take over the Boilermakers.

Anyone else hear anything about Coach Hope leaving the Colonels?
I heard about it on the radio earlier today. I believe there was also an article in today's Richmond Register about it.
This was posted on the BGR news feed at about 8:30 tonight.
I heard it today also, tough loss EKU. Coach Hope led them to the first OVC title in bout 20 years and had this program turned around. I hope EKU gets someone that can keep up the work and get winning.
Eastern actually won in 97. That would be ten years. Remember the coach before Hope was awefully good. Has anyone heard who will replace Hope.
I hope whoever gets this job will recruit Kentucky a little harder than Hope did.