Full Version: Dark Days
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If it truly is darkest before the dawn Kentucky's basketball program should be ready for a breakthrough day. Then again, this may be just the beginning. The Cats reached a new low point on Saturday, falling 81-72 to a San Diego team that had already lost to San Diego State, South Alabama, Boise State and Stephen F. Austin

I think it only gets worse, but Ill give Billy G 2 more years.
Kentucky is slowing turning from a basketball state to a football state...
I wouldn't say they are turning into a Football state just yet... This is only there second year in a row being in a bowl game and you may be able to say that IF they win this game.

As for UK basketball, I think that they wont do well in conference play if they don't turn things around FAST!
The thing that upset me the most is it really looked like the players (as well as the fans) gave up with 2:00 left in the game. I can tolerate a loss to anybody. I cannot tolerate quitting.
We are turning around now.