Full Version: KYMSFA Player Shout outs
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Special announcement from the Kentucky Middle School Football Association
KYMSFA is offering up an opportunity for that favorite football player, team manager, ball boy cheerleader, or coach in your life to get some recognition with a player shout out (similar to those done at football games and in year books.)
Weekly KYMSFA will post a slideshow of the player shout outs for that week for everyone to enjoy on our social media outlets. Shout outs will cost $5.00 each (payable on PayPal only), with the proceeds going to help fund KYMSFA operations for the 2020-2021 season.
Follow the link below to submit your player shout out. (For team managers, ball boys, cheerleaders and coaches just put that in the position boxes on the for.) When you submit the form, it will take you to PayPal to pay.…/kymsfa_player_shout_out_form
Thanks to all for your continued support of the Kentucky Middle School Athletic Association.