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I was reading a blog posted Matt Jones on, and he mentions the recruiting Gillispie has been able to do in the two weeks he's been here. He mentioned Billy G. meeting 2008 prospect Greg Monroe in person. Monroe, according to, is the #1 ranked player in the 2008 Class. He's a 6'9" 195 lbs. Power Forward, who averaged 17.3 points per game for the Cox High School Cougars, who finished the 2006-2007 season with a 36-4 record. says he has High interest in LSU, Duke, and Kansas. Could Gillispie make a big enough impact to maybe sign this kid if he keeps at it? I don't recall seeing UK listed anywhere before I read about the visit. We all agree front court is one of UK's main concerns. What do you all think? If you have anymore information on this, please feel free to post it.

Greg Monroe's Player Profile:

Link to the blog posted by Matt Jones:
I think it depends on how each team he has listed performs. But I think Bill Self's (Kansas Head Coach) style of play fits Monroe more than Gillispie's.
I was reading somewhere that Monroe basically has interest in UofL and UK. When I find the link I will post it.
Thanks, BCF4L.