Full Version: Minnesota 6 Ohio State 0 (Softball)
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Minnesota 6 Ohio State 0 (Softball)

Minnesota (54-3) showed just how far apart they are from anyone in the Big Ten, with their white washing of the Buckeyes(35-16).

The Buckeyes killed themselves by walking way to many Gophers hitters. 15 total walks by three Buckeye pitchers all but handed the win to Minnesota. Shelby McCombs, who hit 71 on the radar gun, walked 8 in just 4 2/3 innings. Shelby Hursh walked 6 in just 1 2.3 innings. She topped out at 69 on the Radar gun. Morgan Ray walked just 1 in one inning of work. She hit 69 on the radar game gun.

Minnesota had one homer run by,Sydney Dwyer (2 hits 2 RBI)
Sam Macken had 3 RBI.
MaKenna Partain had 1 RBI

Minnesota had just 6 hits to go with the 15 walks.
Ohio State potent offense had just 2 hits, while striking out 12 times.