Full Version: President Obama Picks Kansas To Win The National Championship
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President Obama picked All Four #1 Seeds To Make The Final Four and Picked Ohio State and Kansas For The National Championship, Picking Kansas To Win It All
I did too. Starting at the elite 8, we picked identical.
He picked Kansas last year as well.
This guy never ceases to amaze me.
Im not going to go into politics because he doesnt know what hes doing there, but i would have changed it up a little. Northern Iowa might be waiting in the second round again in the form of a different team.
Well to be honest I have them too. I think they are better than last year's Kansas team.
He is bad luck for basketball teams. The man talked to Kentucky last year then they lose, and he picked Kansas then they lose to Northern Iowa. He made too safe of picks in his bracket though.
I only have 2 #1 seed's in the Final Four.
He has all #1 seeds going to the final four.. talk about a front runner.