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Just for fun ... UK vs. U of L vs. MSU
I have wondered this many times, and I just wanted to see what you all think. If they were to compete against each other, who do you think would win? UK, or U of L, or Morehead? Forget their style differences (NCA vs. UCA) and let's talk about skill. As bad as I hate to say it, I think it would be U of L. I will post why once this thing gets going.
Depends on how the scoresheet is based. Like you said, they have two totally different styles. But basing on skill (just stunts, jumps, and tumbling) then I agree. U of L would walk away champions. But they are nowhere near as clean and sharp and solid as UK or MSU. Plus, UK and MSU also are very crowd oriented while UofL is mainly performance based. Overall, U of L has the skills. (then again, Gym Tyme feeds right into them so they train from the time they start walking to the time the graduate college)
I agree with you. Nobody is as solid or clean as UK. Morehead is VERY close, and I really think they have more difficulty in partner stunting than UK. Louisville has some AMAZING tumbling, probably the best in the nation. Sometimes their style makes them look a little sloppy because so much is going on at once and it is hard to focus on one thing, but that is what also makes them exciting. I wonder if Louisville were to have to do UCA style and tone down their routines to where it was more about technique, would they still seem to have the slight advantage over the other two? I still think so because of their tumbling ability. It is really hard to say....haha.
Well, consensus is reached on this one. Y'all are right about the ability of UofL... but their style just turns me off. (this obviously shows my UCA cheer roots...LOL) Although if I were UK, I'd be working very hard because MSU is inching up on them. If I could change one thing about Morehead's squad... it would be uniforms & hairsyles. (I'd hire a PR person to promote MSU Cheer!) I love UK's traditional clean prep look because it's always so good looking on television. We are VERY VERY FORTUNATE IN THE BLUEGRASS TO HAVE SUCH A FULL COMPLEMENT OF FINE COLLEGIATE CHEER PROGRAMS!
UofL for sure!
IMHO I don't know. I haven't watched any of them close enough to compare them. I do understand the issue's with U of L being fed from Gym Tyme and actually being one of their competitive cheer squads. I actually youtubed Gym Tyme allstars once and found their top level team wearing U of L cheer uniforms Smile I thought I was wrong until we actually checked out Gym Tyme and they were there practicing.

Personally I prefer cleaner routines and sharper lines.

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