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Highest Scoring Game in NCAA History: Troy State 258 DeVry 141
Paul Westhead:   "How do you like our run-and-gun offense?"

Troy St. Coach Don Maestri:  "Hold my beer, Paul ! "

 January 12, 1992 :                   

DeVry       53  /    88  /    141

Troy St.   123  /  135  /    258

Troy coach Don Maestri was unapologetic about his coaching philosophy - they would attempt steals  on an opponent's every possession, and if they missed the steal, they allowed the opponent to score as long as they scored quickly.He substituted players regularly and knew that his track-meet style of pressure would eventually wear out the other team. Once tired, his Troy State squads would continue to relentlessly pursue opponents on the defensive end; on offense, no shot was considered a bad shot, and the quicker the attempt, the better.  He patterned his philosophy after Westhead, who played the frantic fast-paced style at Loyola Marymount. Maestri even had Westhead send him game tapes of Marymount so that he could study the plays and methods that Westhead employed.

Troy led all of Division II that year in scoring, averaging 121 ppg ( they gave up  107.8 per game).  During the 1991-92 season,  the Trojans  attempted  1,303 three-point shots , making 444 of them .  Troy had set the points record the previous season with 187. That opponent was also DeVry.

Besides the single game points scored record of 258 , Troy also set records for most points scored in a half(135) , three-pointers made and attempted (51/109) ,  field goals made/attempted(102/190) ,    rebounds (94) , and assists(65) . 

Troy placed ten players in double figures , led by Terry McCord's  41.    Only some dweeb by the name of Andy Davis failed to score in double digits for Troy. The poor sucker scored the first bucket of the game and never took another shot in 19 minutes of play. He did have 12 boards, 8 dimes, and 6 steals. Troy obviously didn't need poor Andy's  scoring prowess on that night.

Troy passed the 100 point mark with 3:14 left in the first half and the 200 mark with 7:53 left in the game, becoming the first and only team to surpass this mark. It was not until 6:35 into the second half that Troy scored a basket that wasn't a three-pointer or a dunk.

Interestingly enough, there were only three(3) free throws attempted in this game, all by Troy. 

DeVry's Clayton Jones had a most unimpressive  assist to turnover ratio  of   1:3 .   Dude had more turnovers than Dolly Madison( 19 turnovers and just  6 assists).   DeVry had  44 miscues for the game .  The biggest Devry miscue was boarding a bus from Atlanta to  Alabama to play this game .

I believe Devry never played basketball again after the season ended in 1992.  Would you?

Just three minutes into the second half Troy was scoring faster than Scot Baio at a sorority house -  26 points in just three minutes of play.
On average , there were  7.8   shots taken  per  minute   or   1 shot every  7.7  seconds.    There was , on average,  10 pts. scored per min. or 1 pt every  6 second.  

That's the worse defense put forth by any tandem in history with the exception of  Hoot's and Jet's defense of the DJT administration.     Tongue

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