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Mississippi St. 74 Kentucky 73
Forgettable end to a forgettable season.   Cats  falter in the last four minutes...AGAIN !  Ahead by five with just over four minutes remaining, Kentucky is outscored 8-2 down the stretch.    Kentucky finishes the season  at   9-16  .   Baseball season, hurry up , please!
Another outstanding job by Cal and his Cats. Nice job, guys!
Well, at least we don't have to worry about somebody stealing our elite coach.

Calipari did an even worse job this season than he did the year that Noel suffered a season ending injury and Coach Cal seemed to just give up on the team. At least that Noel-less team earned a top NIT seed, only to lose in the first round to bottom seeded Robert Morris.
Cost of incompetence:
[Image: https://tinyurl.com/4y4esj8x]

Face of incompetence:
[Image: https://tinyurl.com/5xhpfw5z]
Here's some stats from the Old Hound Research Department that you might find interesting:  

**   Terrence Clark(2 pts)  outscored  Boston , Askew, and Toppin combined( 0 pts) .

**    Devin Askew's line :   21 min /   0 pts/  0 assists /   1  reb

**    Four 1- point games this season :  Cats' record in those games  0-4  

**    Dontaie Allen averaged  23 ppg against Miss. St. this season  ;   3 ppg  against everyone else

**    First time in the 59 years of the SEC Tourney that Kentucky is not one of the final eight teams left standing 

**    First time since 1926-27 season that Kentucky finished season with just single -digit win total (the '26-'27 team finished  3-13 )

**    Only the third losing season  in the  last  99   UK basketball seasons.

**    The last time both UK and Duke failed to make the NCAA  tournament -  the same year Jimmy Carter was elected president and  Elton John/Kiki Dee had the top pop song (1976)

**    How much John Calipari made per win this season :   $ 899, 533. 33  .
The number of times we’ve love with 5 or less minutes to go in the game is astounding. 80% of thst is coaching and 20% on young kids.

Cal sucked this year coaching wise we all know it but the thing that really has crippled my Cal love is the lineups he can’t using all year and the subbing in and out. Cal was playing too much favoritism this year for guys that just wasn’t producing and then guys that were had such a short fuse that they were scared to play. Askew should’ve never been in the game late whenever Clark went out.

I really do believe though had we have Clark all season we’d been 15-9 instead of 9-15 doing into the SEC tourney. Him at PG freeing up shots for Allen and Mintz would’ve been pretty scary in my opinion.

One more thing. Can we please get a big man that has some meat on his bones that is afraid fo contact. We haven’t had a guy like that since Towns. Gee oh we get absolutely bullied by big fellas thst are way less athletic than us but are so strong that they just move us out the way.
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Maybe they can play Duke in a consolation game, lol.

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