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Open Job: Lynn Camp
Coach Harris announced that he won't be back next season.
I feel like Lynn camp could be a pretty good job. It's in Class A and always has a few good athletes. Nice area to live. I think they could e competitive in Class A just like Williamsburg is.
I believe Coach Harris was forced out. He is a solid football guy and an exceptional person. Lynn Camp is a difficult job. It is the red headed step child in the Knox County school system. Compare facilities between Central and Lynn Camp. Lynn Camp’s gymn was built to small to host district so that Central could host district t every other year. Central has a rubberized track and Lynn Camp has an asphalt track which has never been striped. They lose a lot of kids every year to Corbin. Dave Mitchell did a good job. But that was before Knox Central had middle school football. Lynn Camp had the only middle school football team in the county. Knox Central’s field was terrible. Central has added middle school football, a nice field and has put some good teams on the field. Lynn Camp gets left overs from KCC and Corbin. Amazing how many nice homes there are within 2 miles of Lynn Camp but those kids go to Corbin. Campers will have competitive teams every couple of years but hard to be consistent in 1A with built in disadvantages.
Lynn Camp Administration never ceases to make horrible decisions it would appear. They won't get a coach anywhere near Harris' caliber now, and they are likely to go back to like it was just before Harris.
I'd be interested to know the reasoning behind this. Allen seems to be a great guy and loves his players. They seem to love him as well. I do know that he gave his all to the program and tried his best to promote the Lynn Camp program as good as you can in a town where Corbin is the top dog. I hate to see him go as I think he was a great fit for the Wildcats.
Alan is a great guy. It's sad the administration forced him out
I’m just guessing who the new coach will be Burdine from South Laurel
Brutally tough job. It's inevitable that you're going to bleed your most talented kids in each direction to Corbin and Knox Central. Not to mention, most of your booster and financial support are heading in those directions. District is manageable, but uphill climb to catch Williamsburg. Coach Harris did a fantastic job to stabilize things, but the wrong hire can turn this into a train wreck.
Scottie Russell
Rumor is a former assistant under Harris is getting the job, I smell politics at play. On a side note Knox County is going to be hiring a new Superintendent this summer.
Wrong hire could make them Jenkins

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