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State Middle School Baseball Tournament
State Middle School Baseball Tournament
May 16th,17th,18th & 19th

Games will be played at Stonecrest Baseball complex in Prestonsburg, Ky. We will have the usage of 3 fields, all at the same location! No entry fee for this event. Teams will placed in pool play. Winners of the 4 pools will advance to the following weekend (25th & 26th), the semis & finals will be played on a college campus (in negations with 2 schools). Games will consist of 6 innings. We will have a blind draw for pool play on May 6th. The support for this event so far has been overwhelming! For more information contact the following coaches.

Doug Hopkins
606-226-3704 Cell
Adams Middle School

Greg Horne
Floyd Central Middle
Any updates/schedule?
I think Johnson Central won the overall bracket. And Floyd Central on the silver bracket.

Was a very good event but it sure seemed like some teams were using illegal pitchers since there was no official pitch counter for each field.

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