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UK Basketball Tickets for Sale
I am a season ticket holder looking to sell the bulk of my season tickets due to my schedule, I can't make a lot of the games. I am looking for someone to buy 18 of the 20 games. If you can't do 18, I may be able to buy a few more. I am not looking to sell a few to one person and a few to some one else. I am looking for some one willing to buy the bulk of the games. Seats are in sec 225 row M. Money is due Sept 5th, cost is $40 a seat or $80 a game or $1440 for the 18. Tickets can not be sold on ebay or stub hub. I could lose my season ticket rights if caught. PM with any other questions.
What 2 games are not included?
I promised the Missouri game to my Middle School for a raffle. And the senior night game, I can't remember who that is this year. I always take my son to it.
I am know selling individual game tickets. I have Northwood, Transy, Lafayette, Morehead, Samford, Portland, Lipscomb, Eastern Mich, Vandy and Miss State.
Do you still have these?
Did you sell these?

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