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Scrimmage 8/9 Shelby Valley vs. Letcher Central
Who do you think will win?

I am new to this football stuff but I think that SV will be hard to defeat!
They have all the pieces if they can come together. I heard that LC is always tuff. Maybe someone who knows more about them can confirm or deny that information.
Sv handles LCC fairly easy. Not for sure of the score but it SV scored 4 or 5 times and LCC scored once.
Good start for the SV Wildcats!
Everybody got minutes and had a good time!
I hate to hear that my little buddy Jordan Hampton broke his arm. He has such heart and determination. Maybe someone can give us an update on his condition. I know he will be back soon, he is a great football player and he will be missed!

Game: First half very informal SV scored on opening drive and LC failed to score. Both teams made mistakes and the coaches did alot of coaching until halftime. The second half SV scored three times with two conversions. LC scored once and failed on the conversion.
Good start and both teams showed alot of promise.

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