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Message Board Go Fish Game
Quote:Remember playing the card game, “Go Fish,” when you were a kid? This game is a great way to get to know new people on the message boards, and it’s extremely entertaining. Start by asking a simple question that requires a definite yes or no answer. For example, ask the question, “Do you like fish?” If the next person likes fish, he or she answers by saying yes, and the person that answers asks a new question. If the person answering doesn’t like fish, they reply with the phrase “go fish.” Another person chooses to answer by saying “yes” and posting a new question or they forfeit by saying “go fish.” The question is then passed on to someone else.

Got the above idea from a Susan G Komen website as well.

I will start by asking:

Do you like scary movies?
^ love em
Strikeout King Wrote:^ love em

If you answer, you gotta ask a question.

Do you enjoy concerts?
^ no

what Professional sport do you like the most, Baseball, Basketball or Football?
Who is your favorite player of all time (Any sport)?
^Personal favorite is probably Joey Votto or Tyreke Evans.
Jarons Wrote:^Football
Who is your favorite player of all time (Any sport)?

Jordan followed by Dirk

who's your favorite baseball player?
Joey Votto right now.
Omar Visquel and Roberto Alomar, all time.

Do you like racing?
I like Horse Racing, not Nascar.

What do you perfer, Steak or Chicken?
^ Steak

who's your favorite person on BGR?
TideHoss32 post are my favorite to read.

What sport would you rather watch, Tennis or Soccer?

Would you rather have a women who smoked or chewed?

Best game you ever watched, any sport.
^To many to name.

Watch girls softball or watch girls b-ball?

Rather get hit by Ray Lewis or Clay Matthews?
^Clay Mathews.

Tennessee or Louisville fan?
^ Louisville

Tennessee or Vanderbilt fan?

Ford or Chevy?
^ Chevy

Favorite meal?
^I have been a big Mexican food fan lately.

Favorite Bible Story?
^David and Goliath.

Favorite animal?

Who is the funniest comedian you have ever heard?
^Ron White.

Laptop or Desktop person?
^ both. Desktop doesn't lose as much memory as laptop's do but laptops are portable so you can take them everywhere you go.

favorite hobby?

Hunting or Fishing?
^ Fishing.

Don't have the patience for Hunting.

Which do you like Best, High School, College or Pro Sports?

Pepsi or Coke brand?
^ That's a Tough One. I Love them both but Coke.

Favorite Food?
Now that's a tough one. I'm a big dude. lol..... But I'd have to say Steak

Are you a bench press guy or squat guy?
^ Bench.

what sport you like the most, baseball, basketball or football? (College, High School or Pro)
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