Full Version: Where are the top 8th graders in the big sandy going for high school?
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anybody know if number 2(rb) from lcc will go anywhere besides lcc,because i have heard talk of it.. and how about adams qb i know he came from somewhere else correct? any comments?
To the best of my knowledge #2 Hunter Hall is going to Letcher Central, his older brother plays there and his mother teaches in the county. My guess is that Jarrell will go to P'burg and I think that's why he made the change this year to Adams.
oh well..but i have heard the talk about the hunter kid leaving for reasons? have you heard any talk about it lambert 1?
I would say the Jarrell kid will go to Pburg and quarterback the J.V. for a couple of years and play some WR on Varsity. Cant wait to see the kid play.
yea sheriff he was the best qb in the big sandy or at least thats my opinion..
Wildcatpride Wrote:oh well..but i have heard the talk about the hunter kid leaving for reasons? have you heard any talk about it lambert 1?
If he and his parents are smart. And I know that they will want the best for him. He will choose a different school.
I still think it would be hard for him to leave and go some where else because of his mother's job position in one of our county schools and his brother is already enrolled at LCC and playing for them. Just my thoughts on the subject and yes I do wonder if he would get the chance to run the football in this system and running the ball is what he does best. I know Howard got the best out of him this year and he looked daggone good doing it against all of the big boys in the mountains, heard he rushed for over 2,000 yards and 30 or more TD's.
really? lambert was that his stats for this past season?
sheriff do you know the jarells stats
Lambert give me some info on our freshman team. What will they look like?
I think that LCC will have a fine freshmen group out next year. I don't think the numbers will be high because of the small group of 8th graders we had in the county this year (probably around 12 or 13 will come out) but I do think that the talent will be really good and something to build on for the future. I can't pin-point one and will not pin-point as to which I think will be the best of them because they all played really great for me this year and played as a team, no selfish players in this group for sure. Sure Hunter had a boat load of TD's but he wouldn't have gotten them without the help of his fullback (Tyler Hall) and his offensive line and he will tell you that and he has already told them that. When I get a chance I'll post all of the 8th graders names but not now because I don't have my roster with me and I'd feel like a dog if I left one of them out because they were all so valuable to our team this year. Don't worry though, the future is looking good for the high school team and the middle school team will be young next year starting a bunch of 7th graders and I still think they can get a bunch of wins but after that our team can be as good as anyone in the mountains for several years in a row with the talent coming up from our youth programs in the county and the talent on the 5th/6th grade teams moving up to the 7th/8th next year. Real good coaches in the youth programs helps and we have some good ones at Cowan, WMS, MJP, Neon and Letcher right now feeding us good players every year. We are planning on having a big banquet for our 5-8th grade in the next few weeks at the high school to show our appreciation to the parents and players and all of the coaches are really looking forward to it.
Good to hear Coach Howard. Getting pumped up about it already. Your team will be great this year?
One of the top eighth graders going to high school next year has got to be Damien Belcher of Johnson County, on both sides of the football.
Coach Howard,
I meant to ask you the other day about the banquet. How did it go? Also I am ready to talk about this team of yours coming up. Want me to start a thread or do you want to talk about this team here? Go Cougars!
Hunter Hall is at LCC and will be staying there. He played one heck of a game Friday night at Adams. Started on the freshman plays with the first touchdown for them and played on the varsity team as well. This kid is one heck of a football player. I expect to see great things out of him on the field this season.