Full Version: ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS - Posting Scores and Creating Prediction Threads
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[SIZE="6"]It seems like everyone post scoring threads with different titles, which creates a mess on the board and makes it difficult to sort through
quickly to read scores.

When posting scores PLEASE simply title your thread per the example below:

Maytown 62 - Auxier 30

Also, please spell out the teams names.

[COLOR="Red"][COLOR="Red"]Example: JBS 55 - PCC 55

Correct Way: June Buchanan 55 - Perry Co. Central 55[/COLOR][/COLOR]

When creating a new thread regarding a prediction between two teams, make sure that you put the date in the title as well.

EX: Lakers @ Knicks 11/30

Also, make sure you spell teams names out. There are many other LC's, JC's, PCC's, etc. out there.

It's simple, fast and easy. Thank you.[/SIZE]

When starting a final score thread, be sure in the title to just put the teams name and the score. (Example: Prestonsburg 28 Belfry 21) There is no need to post anything else other than that in the thread title. Post whatever else you want to say in the body of the post but please leave the title of the thread to the teams and score only.


We really need to try to enforce this and the easiest way may be to just close a thread. Thoughts???
I've just been editing the thread titles. But it's completely up to you. Whatever you find the easiest.