Full Version: New Program Needs Games Badly
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The Lexington School in Fayette Co. started a brand new program this year and is in desperate need of a few more games to finish off the season. They would be a good match-up for a struggling team or a B-team. Brand new program who is still learning but is able to hold thier own. If you know of anybody who would be willing to play or who is looking for a game please pm me or email me at [email][/email]

We can host or travel if its not too far away from central, ky. Ready to go anytime anywhere. Thanks.
call owen county middle school they might be able to play you
Give KNOX a call.............
highschoolfan Wrote:Give KNOX a call.............

I think he said "struggling team" not dominating team.
I heard Tates Creek has a powder puff team that's all girls and they are unbeaten. Hahahahaha! Play them coach!
knighted Wrote:I think he said "struggling team" not dominating team.

I did mis-read that , sorry................:notworthy