Full Version: BGR droid app?
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We need BGR droid and iphone app. whos with me?
Horse Head Wrote:We need BGR droid and iphone app. whos with me?

That would be AWESOME!!
I know of a site that can make an app from a websites RSS feed for 25 dollars.
That might be something to look into.
If you sold it for a buck a pop you would make your money back, and maybe make a little for site upgrades and such on top Wink
What would you have this app to do? I might could throw something together for the android platform.
This sounds cool.
This would be awesome.
I love this idea.
would be nice, viewing the website is difficult on a phone.
^Especially on a Blackberry.
I usually use BGR through my phone and it's difficult. There is a random bar that runs right through the middle of the screen so I can't read the whole message sometimes. Also if I try to quote someone has more then a paragraph its hard to even do that. An app would be great
^I feel your pain man!
I've tried using it on my blackberry, but have better luck pissing in the wind
I am going to submit BGR to both tapatalk or forum runner.

"Tapatalk is a mobile solution for online communities, empowering discussion forums with mobile access since 2009. Tapatalk works for iPhone, Android, webOS, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry"

To develop native an iphone app exclusively for BGR I would have to learn Objective-C (one of the hardest programming languages to learn I hear), I would have to buy a mac computer in order to use the Iphone SDK, I would also have to pay yearly developers licensing fees. However, I found a great solution for community owners just like me that want to offer mobile access. Tapatalk will allow me to bypass all that and bring you all a quality mobile application to access BGR on. Check the video below to see how it will work here.

[YOUTUBE="How tapatalk works"]OWnkYF72nLE[/YOUTUBE]

It is free for me to implement. I just have to sign up BGR and submit BGR to the tapatalk databaseand then install the javascript on the server to allow tapatalk to control the display.

The tapatalk app read only version is available on the app stores for free. If you want posting capabilities you will have to purchase the pro version for 2.99. Forum runner is basically the same thing except the pro version of their app only cost 1.99. Tapatalk covers more devices though such as Window mobile devices.

I will definitely submit BGR to tapatalk and forum runner if you guys are interested so that you use BGR on the go.
TorQQue, I recently bought my first Android phone and I would be interested in using BGP through the Tapatalk app.