Full Version: JCMS 8th @ Belfry 9/13/10
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I don't know what Belfry has this year but I know that Johnson Central is loaded for bear. Big, strong, fast and athletic. We didn't have anything for them so I will be curious to see how Belfry does with them because we play Belfry later in the year.
I'll take JCMS in this one Belfry is better than what you would think though. They played Shelby Valley in a tough game not to long ago but Valley come out on top. This should be a good game do to home field advantage for Belfry.
jc by a touchdown
Johnson central by WAY more than a touchdown...
It was by 2 touch downs. No it wasn't an advantage for the pirates to play on their own field.
The gound kid played great last night 3 recieving TD's and 1 int. JC has been uncontested so far, we play a tough Greenup team this weekend.
Those JC boys are tough. I went and watched them play at belfry. It was a great game in the first corner. Belfry scored first then everything turned around for JCMS when #12 Dalton Adkins ran a kick return back for 6. JC had a couple more stops, but the most impressive play was when Josh Gound #2 pulled an interception down after his team turned the ball over. Gound was thrown on the concrete on that play and was taken out for a breather. He was put back in and scored a spectacular receiving td. He had a few more amazing catches before the night was over. Johnson County Middle School is a very exciting team to watch.
i was curious is there any holdbacks on this JC TEAM
Why did Belfry drop out of the Big Sandy?