Full Version: Who should really be #1...
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A lot of people have said #1 Duke does not deserve to be at the top... maybe its because of a bias or they aren't really that good... just wanted to get others thoughts on who should be #1 in Men's NCAA Basketball
Uconn is the best team in America IMO
Duke definatly deserves to be #1 right now, but I do believe UCONN has the most talent and depth, but they will lose a few more games because they're in a tougher conference...
Duke or Texas, Im not sure yet.
Duke. Margins don't matter, winning does and that's all they've done so far.
Texas definately. Especially now that it took a miracle shot for Duke to beat Virginia Tech.
I agree with TorQQue, UCONN is the best team. Duke survives VT by a last second shot at home.
Duke. Even though their wins haven't been blowouts, they're still finding a way to win against their opponents.