Full Version: UNC @ (10)Kentucky
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Figured it was time to get this one started.

Game is Saturday (Dec 3) at 12:00.
kentucky by 10
i think that kentucky wins this one
Kentucky by 12
Kentucky, if they come to play.
Kentucky all the way.
Kentucky.. North Carolina had to pull off a miracle win to beat garderwebb. or some school like that.
kentucky by 10+
The Cats!
UNC 68
UK 65
"LC99" Wrote:UNC 68
UK 65

At least I hope not LC
After seeing UNC play against Illinois the way they did, I'm scared for the cats. UNC played Ill. very close the whole game. I'm still gonna say UK, but not by much.
10-14 KY with 13 to go in the 1st. Ramel Bradley at the line. Hits both to make it 16-10.