Full Version: Tennessee 27 Kentucky 8
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Cats finish the season 3-8.

Does any one know the condition of David Jones?
Just glad the season is over!! Will next year may be better? I doubt it
For real, I am glad it's finally over.....I feel bad for the seniors that never got to play in a Bowl Game.
yeah same here BP.....i feel for all those Srs. who didnt get a chance to play in a bowl game....but now since the seasons over we can all focus our attention on bball
It would be nice to see brooks concentrate on an offense a defense and how about recruiting perhaps so that if one player goes down our offense wont go down with him
Way to go Vols!!!
The Cats should start getting better in the next few years
Congrats to the Vols, hears to hoping the Cats get some much needed help in recruiting this off season.
Congrats to the Vols, and hopefully the Wildcats will improve next year.
Until the cats get someone in there that can get some major players to come here we will never win more than 1-3 games a year!