Full Version: KDCO State Dance Championships
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The KDCO State Championships were held in Lousiville today and the 15th region represented very well. The competition was split into small and large divisions so Prestonsburg and Magoffin did not compete against each other

Small Varsity Pom
1st Eastern High School Louisville

Pburg didn't place in the top 5

Small Varsity Jazz
1st Eastern High School
2nd DuPont Manual ?
3rd ?
4th Pburg

Small Varsity Hip Hop
2nd Pburg

Large Varsity Pom
1st Madison Central
2nd Magoffin

Large Varsiry Jazz
1st Sacred Heart High School
2nd Magoffin

Large Varsity Hip Hop

I'm not sure who won this. Magoffin moved their hip hop routine to the open category

Open (I'm not sure if this category was split but I don't think it was)
1st Magoffin
2nd Pburg

Great Job Pburg and Magoffin!
Congrats Dance Teams!!
Congrats to all dance teams!
North laurel was runner up small jazz and 3rd in smallhiphop
Did LCC compete?
Did Meade County High School compete? If so how did they do?
Wonder if there was a website you can go to.
At the 14th & 15th region dance competition held at Shelby Valley on Saturday 1/28/2012, Prestonsburg High School won 1st place in every category, plus Grand Champion.
Did LCC place?
cougarpride08 Wrote:Did LCC place?
The 14th region had LCC and Knott Co. They scored 14th and 15th separately. LCC got Grand Champion in the 14th.
So does that mean LCC goes to state?
cougarpride08 Wrote:So does that mean LCC goes to state?
Yes, I guess. I'm just a dad, I'm sure I don't know much. LOL.