Full Version: Adams vs. Hazard (Small School Championship)
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Saturday at 6:00 p.m. ! Who wins ? Thoughts ?
This Should Be Agreat Game Beyween Two Great Football Schools. Everyone Should Come Out And Support These Two Teams. Last Game Was A Barn Burner Till The Very End. Adams Won On The Last Play 52to 46.
Looks like Adams may be without Bryson Williams ! Injured in the Paintsville game. He scored the winning touchdown in the first meeting.
Good Luck Blackcats
Is this the same hazard team that lost to stinnett and beat Estill in the shriners bowl at daniel field?
Daddycat27 Wrote:Is this the same hazard team that lost to stinnett and beat Estill in the shriners bowl at daniel field?

Hazard wins this one 30-0
Big Ed Wrote:Hazard wins this one 30-0

You show your vast knowledge !! Adams scored 52 in the first meeting !!!!!
Daddycat27 Wrote:Is this the same hazard team that lost to stinnett and beat Estill in the shriners bowl at daniel field?

The Hazard team that lost to Stinnett was 5th and 6th, the Hazard team that beat Estill at Shriners Bowl was 3rd and 4th.
How Is Bryson Williams? He Still Not Going To Play??
Big Ed with an off the wall pick of 30-0. Who knows he may be the next David Copperfield or something but I am like Canoeman, going from 52 points to 0 points probably will not happen Big Ed. But if your right, I'll be over there that night and I'll look you up and buy you a pop because that would be almost impossible. I do think the game will be just as good as the last time and I find myself pulling/picking Adams in a close one, final score 36-30 in Adams favor.
Adams Wins/ 24-16
Wow, Big Ed's a genius, Hazard blew Adams out of the water tonight in the small school. I got to watch a little and it was crazy. I heard a parent say that #8 had returned for Hazard and that he had been out for the last several game. I was shocked, it was a blow-out from the get-go. Like I said, props go out to Big Ed for his off the wall prediction, do you have any Keeneland predictions for a Letcher County boy, your on a roll now buddy. No your prediction of Sebastian beating LCC in the 8th grade game was a little off but overall you rated high on the psychic hotlines tips.
What was the final score?
The Only Reason Hazard Won Was Because Bryson Williams Was Out!!!
I Am Sure They Missed Bryson But I Hardly Think Thats The Only Reason Hazard Won Come On Now 42-0 Hazard Got Better And Better Each Game And They Also Got Austin Johnson Back From Injury He Had A Great Game As Did The Whole Team It Was A Great Team Effort. I Want To Thank Our Coaches They Worked Extremly Hard All Season For These Kids. Hazard Played All Season With About 16 Players And Those Kids Are Awsome Kids They Played Well Together And I Really Enjoyed This Season They Really Deserved The Big Victory Saturday.
How many eighth-graders did Hazard have?
How does this year's group compare to the high school seniors when they were in the eighth grade?
42 to 0???? one kid not going to stop that....
Come on.... One kid is not going to make that kind of difference. With or without Williams the outcome would have been the same. Get Real!
When I'm wrong I'm wrong guys,
Hazard was impressive as heck, one kid may have changed the score two TD's or so but not 42-0, that was just impressive and I would bet you that the Adams coach would jump up and say we just got worn out on that given night. I watched Hazard early on when LCC beat them 36-6, the team I saw Saturday night could sure have given LCC or Sebastian all they wanted in the championship game. I bet Coach Lyndon is regretting saying that he didn't think his team could play with the big school champions and that's why they didn't want to do a "SuperBowl" between the two champions, I think Hazard may have just given the Cougars all they could handle if they brought that same type of intensity. GO COUGARS!!!!!
That Is A Good Post. I Do Believe Hazard Played Their Best Game Of The Season Those Kids Played With A Lot Of Intensity. It Would Have Been Nice To See Hazard And Lcc Play Again Im Sure It Would Of Been A Good Game But I Think Its Probably Best To Play Small And Large School Championships It Gives Everyone A Fair Chance. I Would Like To Thank The People From Johnson Central For Their Hospitality. Lets Try To Play The Championships At Hazard High Next Year On Their New Turf Its Awesome.
Please private message me and I will gat you my e-mail address. I am from P-BURG and would love to talk a little Blackcat football. I would also love to somehow get you guys into our Oct 31 tournament. three tournaments going on in 1 day 4th grade, 5th grade and 6th grade. 8 teams each, guarenteed 2 games and team trophies, mvp trophies, etc. It would be a really great day for your kids.