Full Version: Russell 5/6 vs Boyd Co. 6th
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Russell 20
Boyd 0

Russell held Boyd to 15 total yards yesterday, Great defense. Russells offense put up 20 on the board while rushing for 200, passing for 100. Every kid got in and played. The second team played the second quarter and 4th quarter yesterday and held Boyd from scoring. The starters began on offense after loosing the toss. Scoring on the 3rd play from scrimmage. The second pocession saw the DEVILS hit a pass that went 25 yards and then set up the score. Russell scored on the 4th play of the drive and this time made the extra point. This made the score 14-0. The third quarter saw the starters back in for the beginning of the second half. The Devils scored again sealing the victory in their opener against a HUGE Boyd County team that shows size and talent. 22 for Boyd county is a stand out. The line is huge and can hit,, I would like to thank Boyd County for a great game and we will see you in a week or 2 at your place.

Thanks again to Boyd Co, and keep rolling DEVILS !!!!!!!!!!!!!