Full Version: In Memory of Powell Co. Football Players
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For all that haven't found out, These boys lost their lives over the weekend. They were both members of the Powell County football team. Prayers go out to their families and friends.
This is so tragic..Absolutely horrible thoughts and prayers go out to their families..
my prayers go out to thier families and I hope alcohol had nothing to do with the accident!
I was asked by the coaching staff to post a site in memory of Billy Eversole & Brian Rowland, the 2 Powell Co. football players who tragically lost their lives in a fishing accident last Friday. This site should be used for friends to post any thoughts of these two young men. This will later be printed and given to the families. I have uploaded a couple of pics of them in the "Photo Gallery". These young men will be greatly missed by us, The Coaching Staff at Powell Co.
May god bless the families of these two young men. Prayers go out to them and Powell Co. from all of us in Magoffin Co.
Very sad weekend in Powell County. It actually felt like a bad dream. I couldn't believe it. I didn't wanna believe it. I didn't really know these two guys a whole lot, but the little I knew them was pretty great. Always happy kids that seemed to always have a smile on their faces. My prayers go out to their families.
My thoughts & prayers are with the family of the two boys.
My condolences to the boys' families your in my thoughts and prayers
Our thoughts and Prayers to the families of these young boys from Floyd County.
Prayers go out from Bell County Bobcat Country!
horrible news really hate to hear this upmost prayers and thoughts from letcher county
my thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of these 2 young men
Yes it is awful.. Sad. i cant beleive there gone.. I just hope the family is okay. And im going to keep them in my prayers.
Thanks to everybody for the support. Everyone from Powell really appreciates it.
Thoughts and prayers from Hazard to the family and friends of these two young men.
thoughts and prayers from sheldon clark
Thoughts and prayers to all family and friends of these two young men.
Prayers from Letcher County!
So tragic for such young men. Our prayers are with both young men's families and friends. May God Bless All.........
Love and Prayers from here in Pikeville.
Love and prayers from Matewan, WV.
Thoughts and prayers from Belfry
Prayers from Pikeville
Thoughts and prayers from Johns Creek
Thoughts and prayers from Knott County.
Thoughts and Prayers from Floyd Co
Thoughts and prayers for the families and community that these 2 young men were so suddenly taken from.....
so sorry for your loss ,may god bless thier families in this sad time.
I know that i am a little late on this but my prays are with the familys of these two young man, and the Powlle co. football team and coaching staff.

From the Russell Red Devils
prayers for the families and friends.
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