Full Version: Check this BCG pic out.
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I saw this yesterday on
wow they look alot alike
Maybe just a sign of the good things to come. if he'll only bring us four national championships! lol..great pic though
I loved it and it is scary how much they do look alike!
He is Rupp reincarnated.
Someone should send this picture into some paronormal agency, the ghost of Rupp was caught on, kind of freaky.
That is cool and scary
Thats crazy. They look so much alike! Is anyone sure his real name is Billy Gillispie? It maybe Billy Rupp, lol.
Whoa! I'm loving it!!
That was just freaky!!! but I am lovin it
This is great!
Hopefully the look like will also do the same thing rupp did to kentucky and it will cary on to Billy G