Full Version: Khsaa JUDGES
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What gets me, you have 6 judges To do a job, sitting on each side and four in front, and all 6 come up with the same score. All six, even the judge 20 foot away, on the same side, writes down on their own individual score card, that the coed male did not base. Film and snapshots, clearly show the boy stunting. and now, you come back and apologize and say human error. How does 6 people have human error? that is unacceptable or is it just Khsaa short comings. No matter which sport, when it comes down to it, the kids give it all they got and its left in hands of adults who say, human error. With this one in particular though, it's not two or three judges, running up and down, stretching to see, this was six HIGHLY TRAINED individuals, sitting comfortably, and all six see the exact same thing!!!!!! and you can't give it back. In cheerleading, you don't have games each week that you compete in. Kentucky offers this one competition. You practice from summer till November, and in that one moment, six human errors take it away and say sorry. For the seniors, who live, eat, and breath cheerleading, how far do you think that sorry will take them?
You should try Swimming, the one that touches the wall first wins every time. There is know judgement calls
This, sorry to say will always happen when calls are left to individual judgment.