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Can we put them here, how long til kickoff?
crazytaxidriver Wrote:kickoff is in about 2 minutes or so

cant wait.. taxi doing updates.. taxi turn on your messenger sometime Smile
NCC recieving first
crazytaxidriver Wrote:hahah i don't have it no more.. too lazy to re-download it lol..

I understand.. Give a brother a call sometime.. :Thumbs:
Thank you so much taxi!!!
3rd and long NCC
3rd and long NCC

Pass from Harris to . complete.. 1st and ten
2nd and ten

vicars runs for 1

3rd and 9
Good job!
on the 43

Harris throws to Horan? 1st down
Goin deep...

incomplete pass

2nd and ten
Horan is correct! His sister is married to one of my good friends
Vicars hits the corner for a gain of a bunch
4th and short.

i'm lost now.. give me a minute to catch up..
t/o on downs..
belfry ball
from their own 20...

may runs for no gain.. 2nd and 10
false start

2nd and 15..

hickman runs for a gain of 7

3rd and 7 from thier own 22
may for a gain of about 7

4th and short..
Belfry punting

Belfry 1st down...
false start...
bad call by the refs...

1st and 10 NCC..
Harris goin deep, incomplete pass..

2nd and ten
Gardner for a reception of 26 yds.
1st and ten


on the pirate 29,,

Vicars runs for a short gain..
Sack by dustin may.. 3rd and 21 to go for NCC
Harris throw intercepted, by epling.. belfry takes over
3:23 to go in the first..
gain of 3 for preston,
2nd and 7
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