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A little background....

Over the last two years my daughter has been on a team that is struggling. The community is small so there is no gymnastics offered and the cheerleaders must go out of town. The booster club has done everything it can to assist including getting new choreographers, setting up clinics at gyms in neighboring areas, and providing equipment. The coaches have utilized these things when pushed but honestly dont seem to care one way or the other. The coaches don't push the girls to achieve and so we either lose kids who have potential or they just wind up frustrated because everyone else is fine with losing.

All in all we wound up not competing well at all because of the general lack of passion for the team. Offers have been made to carpool the kids to gymnastics and stunt clinics, offers have been made to bring in instructors, and offers have been made to support anything the coaches feel they need to make the team great. All such offers have been ignored or attempted without success.

It is so bad that one of our previous cheerleaders quit the team her senior year because it was a waste of time for her. She is now a full scholarship cheerleader at Moorehead which is one of the most prestigious college cheer teams around. We lost her simply because practices are a joke and we get laughed off the mats at competition (literally).

Now for my question?

1. Is it legal for an individual to come in and teach gymnastics lessons at a public school?

This individual is not a school employee or a member of any gymnastics studio. They have no training, certifications, or insurance. They are just previous cheerleaders and as far as I can see the school is unaware of the person teaching there. One of the coaches does stay in the gym with them during the practices because supposedly this insures the person teaching.

The issue is that we we have the opportunity to go to a cheer studio and get instruction from two previous UK cheerleaders on a weekly basis. But we are probably going to pass that up to have a previous cheerleader come in and teach us. Don't get me wrong the guy is good but he isn't bringing equipment or years of top level competitive skills with him. He is just a guy who used to be a cheerleader. They cheer studio has equipment, experience, insurance, training, and all the other stuff you would want a trainer to have.

So is it even legal for this to happen? Do the schools just allow anyone to come in and train people how to be thrown in the air with no regard to their abilities?
ask your school's AD
Can you do it sure, you could do it at your house if you wanted.

Should you do it, probably not, with no insurance or significant certifications, your just begging for issues, and if someone gets hurt.........