Full Version: Perry Central Cheerleaders win World Championships
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The Perry Central Cheerleading Squad traveled down to Florida this weekend and is coming home with at least a World Championship. National Championship is later today I believe.
Congrats Ladies.
Wouldn't you get a National championship before a World?
^That's what I was thinking. I got a text this morning from one of the cheerleaders saying they were World Champs and that Nationals were later.
A world championship is basically a prelim before the finals.
Winners of the prelims compete for the national title.

Nationals just finished up.
Perry Central finished 2nd in the nation!
World Championship is the top competetion. The top 10 finalists in the nationals may compete in the world. All cheerleading teams must compete in the prelims on Saturday morning. Top teams may go straight to finals; other winners have to go to semi-finals on Saturday evening. I don't know why they had World first on Sunday morning. I think it may have had something to do with the fact that you could pay varsity to view the finals live on Sunday.
^Perry went straight to the finals from the prelims. They dropped a girl in the Nationals competition but still got 2nd.
So let's get this straight....
There's too much confusion for me.

Is a "World Championship" the equivalent of a National Title?
The World Competition is higher that Nationals. The World was a new competition started by UCA this year. Perry Co. Central is the first World Champs. National Competition is lower. It goes like this in cheerleading: Region, State, National and World.
Makes no sense
If no teams outside of this nation competed in this "Worlds Championship"
This is a national title lol
I'm not going to get into a cheerleading argument on here lol
I'm going to simply ask some questions and someone can explain it

I see that there are about 30 different classes in this and the "world title" that Perry won was the "World School Cheerleading Championship - Small Varsity Team Cheer".
It only shows they competed against one other school in that class.

I couldn't be more proud of Perry's girls for winning it.
We have a few girls in our youth group that cheer and they're very good girls and we all know how hard they work.

I'm just wondering if every high school in the nation is involved in this competition or is it kind of like NAIA and NCAA in college. Where only so many schools participate in each.
Explain to me this please, how can they compete in a world/national championship, when the KY State finals are this weekend? (PS. I know nothing about how cheerleading runs)
Cheerleading is so confusing lol