Full Version: Pikeville wins 27th Regional Championship (2012 KAPOS)
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Congratulations to Coach Jeannie Stone and the Pikeville Varsity squad as they claim their 27th Regional Championship with a convincing 12 point win over Lawrence County.

This is the 13th Consecutive Regional Championship. The Pikeville squad will look to make it 5 State Championships in a row and bring home their 8th state championship at the State Competition at WKU in a few weeks. Strive for Five!!

Her record of achievement as a coach is probably unparalelled. 27 regional championships, 7 state, I can't remember how many national titles. Just a fantastic coach who always has her girls prepared for the limelight. Congrats! Strive for Five!!
Congrats to Pikeville. Letcher Central won the 14th traditional title and hope we both represent the mountains with a nice showing at state.