Full Version: Paintball Guns and gear for sale...
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I am selling all of my paintball equipment. Message me for info if interested.
16 Pods (140 balls each)

Three 9oz. CO2 Tanks

Two 20oz. CO2 Tanks

One 12oz. CO2 Tank

1 Full paintball vest (holds 6 pods or 9-12oz air-tanks/one 20oz tank/ with pockets/size adjustable)

1 Paintball Belt (holds 6 pods/ 1 air tank/ size adjustable/ with pockets)

3 Masks

1 Air-tank coil (quick mount/release)

Pack of 90+ O-Rings

2 bottles of anti-fog

1 fan for mask to prevent fogging

3 springs

21-inch Sniper barrel (fits either marker)

Flatline Barrel (fits either marker)

Two 8-inch Barrels

Two 200 round Hoppers (one is a speed feeder)

One Tippmann 98 Custom Marker with adjustable stock, speed trigger, and red-dot sight

One Tippmann 98 Model Marker with laser sight

1 Pair of Shielded Paintball Gloves